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The Repossessor

This repossessor has been shot at six times in the past 10 years, and if Bill Shipe were paid a dollar for every time someone pointed a gun at him, he would be a rich man.
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Melon Repo

When Jackie L. Eley’s pickup truck was repossessed, she lost more than her ride. The 130 watermelons in the truck bed also were repossessed.
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Repossessor VS Chainsaw

A German man tried to fight off a repossessor with a chainsaw and gasoline bombs before being arrested by police special forces, authorities said Thursday.
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Trial in Repo man shooting

A Priest River man accused of shooting a repossession agent who was reclaiming a pickup truck nearly three years ago is being ordered to stand trial on a charge of attempted first-degree murder.
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Repo Man Finds Explosives

A repo man gets a surprise after repossessing up a truck in Preble County. He says he was on his way back to the Dayton Auto Recovery Center, when he noticed a duffle bag with guns and what looked like a stick of dynamite inside the truck.
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Repossession Service Trouble

Jayson Graves hadn’t learned to drive yet when he walked into a local automobile dealership a couple of years ago and bought a pickup.
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Loan Repossessions in court

A car title loan company can’t force a customer to fight repossession through arbitration rather than through the court system, a state appeals court ruled Thursday.
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Woman Faces Charges in Repossession Dispute

A Caroline woman was charged with malicious wounding in an attempt to take back a van that had been repossessed. A Caroline County woman lost her van, her temper and her freedom all in one day, police said.
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Repossessor Drives Off With Toddler In SUV

A Missouri woman says a man repossessing her Jeep Grand Cherokee took the vehicle while her 3-year-old son was asleep in the back seat and didn’t come back for 45 minutes, after she had called 911.
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Repossessor gets Imax projector

After trying for several years to collect back payments for its $2 million projector from the closed Imax theater, Imax Corp. took matters into its own hands early Friday.
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The Repossessor and the Rattlesnake

A New Mexico repossessor had repossessed a corvette from a Santa Fe man. When the repossessor inventoried the vehicle contents back at his office, he found a western diamondback curled up on the floor.
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