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Repossession Service Employment Opportunities

Repossession Service Employment Opportunities

Speedy Repo is not hiring at this time.

 Please, do NOT call our offices looking for employment.

Speedy Repo does not hire agents.

Please do NOT call our offices trying to sign up as an agent.

Speedy Repo requires anyone applying for employment to have completed a repossession agent training program like We also require that any repossession service agent applicant have 2 years experience in the repossession service industry. Speedy Repo will waive this requirement for any US Veteran that was honorably discharged.

Repossession Service TruckSpeedy Repo conducts complete and thorough background checks on all potential employees. You will need a clean criminal history to be eligible for employment with Speedy Repo. We will not hire anyone with a felony conviction. Even if you have an expunged felony conviction Speedy Repo would not consider you eligible for employment. Speedy Repo will not hire anyone with a DUI on their driving record, regardless of how long ago it was or the circumstance. Speedy Repo requires a clean driving record for any potential employees. Individuals with more than 2 points on their drivers license would not be eligible for employment

repossession Service JobsFrom time to time when Speedy Repo is in need of hiring new personnel, we advertise any job opportunities in the USA Today. Please check the USA Today if you are interested in employment with Speedy Repo.

Speedy Repo is an equal opportunity employer that believes in diversity of employees. We seek to employ individuals regardless of age, color, national origin, physical disability, race, religion, creed, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, or marital status. Individuals with different backgrounds bring different life experience with them. Speedy repo believes that diverse employees make our company a stronger repossession service.

Speedy Repo EmploymentSpeedy Repo actively seeks to employ veterans as repossession service agents. We regularly run employment ad’s in military publications like Air Force Times, Army Times, Marine Corps Times, and Navy Times. Please check any of these publications for employment opportunities and repossession service agent job postings for Speedy Repo.

Speedy Repo also posts job listings at and You can also find job listings for other repossession services at these web sites.

Please, do not call our offices looking for employment.