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Equipment Repossession Service

Equipment Repossession Service

Heavy equipment repossessions require the right equipment to handle the job, proper training, and dedicated personnel. Speedy Repo uses only the best trained repossessors, equipped with the best repo trucks, and repo tools.

Speedy Repo has repossessed everything from large cranes, backhoes and front end loaders, to almost every piece of farm equipment John Deere sells. When you need to repo something large, call Speedy Repo.

Our repossession service is also experienced in repossessing skid steers and manufacturing equipment like lathes, milling machines and punch presses. With manufacturing being moved to Mexico and China, we have developed a repossession service division that focuses on repossessing manufacturing equipment.
Private Party Repossession

Private Party Repossessions

Speedy-Repo is one of a few nationwide repossession companies licensed and insured to handle private party repossessions. We routinely handle repossessions between family members, divorce disputes, and terminated employees. Private party repossessions are any repossessions that occur without a promissory note, or a lease agreement, or any repossession falling outside of the typical debtor – bank relationship. If other repo companies have told you that they won’t handle your case, please give us a call, we will┬árepo it for you!