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Repossession Services

Speedy Repo is not your average repossession service. When your average repossessor goes out to work, they have a clipboard full of repossession assignments they are responsible for recovering. When A Speedy Repo truck hits the road, our driver has just one assignment they are responsible for. Of course our services may cost more, but, how much does it cost you to charge off an account and never recover the collateral?

Vehicle Repossession Services

Automobile repossessions are our most utilized service. We specialize in difficult and complex repossessions. Our drivers are among the most experienced in the repo industry. We put our drivers in state of the art tow trucks. That’s the key to our success in recovering cars that other companies have been not able to recover.

All of our personnel are required to attend training on all aspects of the law regarding repossessions. To be a great repo man today requires a knowledge of many federal bodies of law: Gramm Leach Bliley act, Fair Debt Collection Practices act, Telephone Records and Privacy Protection act of 2006, Uniform Commercial Code, and bankruptcy laws. These are just the federal laws that our employees are trained in. We take these laws seriously and stay well within these laws to protect you, our client.

Boat Repossession Services

Boats can be difficult repossessions to perform for a number of reasons. If the boat is kept in the water it obviously won’t be sitting in the debtor’s driveway. Finding the marina it is stored at can be difficult for your average repo man. Speedy Repo has developed hull id scanner systems for boats that work like license plate scanner systems for cars. No other repo company has access to this technology. We will find and recover your boat when they can’t.

Large or small we have repossessed them all. We have Coast Guard licensed ship and yacht captains in our employment that can safely recover even the largest ship on the water. When you need a boat repossessed, you need Speedy Repo!

Construction Equipment Repos

Speedy Repo performs repossessions on all types of construction equipment. Backhoes and cranes are among the more common repossession assignments for construction equipment we perform. Generators and compressors are also regularly repossessed by Speedy Repo.

We have low boy trailers and hydraulic trailers that can safely transport even the largest construction equipment. We are also experienced at obtaining wide load and oversize load permits. We are able to recover your equipment faster because we can get the required permits faster than out competition.

Skip Tracing.

We use license plate scanners to locate and recover

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