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Repossession Comments

Repossession Comments


Here is the Speedy Repo guest book. Customers are encouraged to leave their comments regarding our service.

Speedy Repo was able to find my boat and repossess it when two other repossessors were not able to find it at all. Speedy Repo is the best repossessor!

Fred K
Jackson, Mississippi

Speedy Repo repossessed my Mercedes from my x-wife. They located her in Texas and repossessed it from her two days after I faxed them the repossession paperwork. They even arranged transportation to me in New York. Speedy Repo Rocks!

Allen J
Brooklyn New York

I have used many repossessors in the past, Speedy Repo is the fastest repossessor I have ever seen. Repossessing semi trucks is hard work. Speedy Repo makes it look easy.

Brad W
Atlanta Georgia

I thought my Jaguar was in New York City, Speedy Repo located and repossessed it in Los Angeles California within two weeks of receiving the repossession assignment. I was a victim of a sub leasing scam. Speedy Repo is my hero.

Judy C
Las Vegas, Nevada

Our company was defrauded when someone rented a Komatsu backhoe using a fake ID. Speedy Repo tracked down the perpetrator, found his real name and repossessed our Komatsu less than one month after being put on the case. We had two other repossessors looking for our Komatsu for over six months, they only gave us close out bills. Speedy Repo gave us results.

Adam W.
Las Vegas Nevada

We hired Speedy Repo to repossess a cosmetic laser from a customer that hadn’t paid us in 8 months. Speedy Repo Repossessed the laser the next day. They handled the delicate repossession very tactfully and professionally. Speedy Repo the best repossessor we have ever used.

Jason J.
Long Island New York

I hired Speedy Repo to repossess a car I had cosigned for my step-son. He wasn’t paying on the loan, so I had Speedy Repo repossess it from my step-son. Speedy Repo repossessed the car and returned it to me. Speedy Repo saved the day!

Lynn A.
Miami Beach Florida

My x-boyfriend left town with my Lexus. The police told me it was a civil matter and they would not help me. I called five other repossessors that told me they would not handle a private party repossession. Then I called Speedy Repo. They took my case and repossessed my Lexus from my X. Speedy Repo is a very good repossessor.

Trudy F.
Los Angeles California

I cosigned for a coworker on a car loan. She stopped paying for the car when she got fired. I hired Speedy Repo to repossess the BMW from her. Speedy repo found her in Orlando Florida and repossessed it from her the same day. Speedy Repo sold the BMW for me and I was able to wash my hands of the whole affair. Speedy Repo saved me thousands of dollars.

Alex J
Atlanta Georgia

I was referred to Speedy Repo because they are a private party repossessor. I had many other repossessors tell me that they were not licensed or insured to handle a private party repossession. I had lent my Mercedes to a friend who was down on his luck. I even called the police for help, but they told me to hire a repossessor. Speedy Repo found my car and repossessed it from him the same day I sent them the paperwork. Speedy Repo is the fastest and most professional repossessor in the USA.

George M
Chicago Illinois

I had hired 3 repossessors to find my missing Yukon Denali, none of the other repossessors were able to find any information or leads. Speedy Repo repossessed my Yukon three days after I sent them the paperwork. Speedy Repo may cost a little more, but they were worth it since they were the only repossessor that was able to locate and repossess my Denali.

Harvey S.
Baltimore Maryland

Speedy Repo Found my vehicle and repossessed it when no one else could. I looked for weeks trying to find a repossessor  that would do a private party repossession in California and could not find anyone. I finally found Speedy Repo and they repossessed my car for me when no one else would. Speedy Repo Rocks!!!

Cindy G.
Los Angeles, California